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ARCS - Admiralty Raster Chart Service

ARCS Navigator

Admiralty Raster Charts (ARCS)
ARCS Navigator is the world's leading electronic raster chart service from the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) and is now used by the giants of the commercial shipping world.

ARCS charts are digital facsimile
copies of the world famous Admiralty paper charts and are supplied on CD-ROM. ARCS charts use the same high quality images as Admiralty paper charts, making the progression from traditional chart table to ECS and ECDIS an easy, logical step.

Extensive, official coverage of the world's commercial shipping routes, main ports and harbours is provided by over 3000 ARCS charts with weekly updates available on CD-ROM, keeping charts fully in line with Admiralty Notice to Mariners

ARCS Navigator is available on annual subscription. Coverage is licenced on a chart by chart basis, meaning that users pay only for the charts they require. Instant access to additional charts can be quickly and easily obtained in emergency situations via phone, fax or e-mail.

Benefits of ARCS

ARCS can provide all the benefits of
real time navigation.

Improved Safety -
When integrated with GPS, the vessel's position, course and speed can be measured with a greater accuracy than by using traditional methods and thereby greatly reduces the risk of grounding.

Improved Situational Awareness -
When used in conjunction with radar, ARCS charts can show the actual distance and direction of other vessels and obstructions, which is invaluable in particularly busy areas.

Ease of Updating -
ARCS Navigator benefits from a fully automated update service where corrections are issued electronically on CD - ROM each week. The updates keep your ARCS charts fully up to date with the latest safety-critical information and are quick and easy to apply.

Time Saving -
Route planning is simplified as plans can be constructed quickly and efficiently in advance and stored for future use.

ENCs - (Electronic Navigation Charts) - Vector charts for ECDIS

Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) Vector Charts
Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) are official vector charts that conform to the IHO's S57 Version Product Standard and can only be issued by a national hydrographic authority. ENCs are the only vector charts that may be used for primary navigation in place of paper charts when used in conjunction with a type approved Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS) and supported by a suitable back-up system.

Digital Tide Tables

Admiralty TotalTide is the world's most comprehensive tidal prediction program providing official tidal height and tidal stream predictions. The data is presented clearly and concisely both in graphical and tabular format and covers over 7000 of the worlds main ports. TotalTide provides accurate tidal prediction data by using a powerful calculation algorithm together with official tidal data from the world's premier hydrographic authorities.

Admiralty Digital List of Lights and Fog Signals (ADLL)
Digital List of Lights and Radio Signals

The Admiralty Digital List of Lights (ADLL) is the world's most advanced source of light and fog signals information. ADLL provides quick, efficient and accurate data updates. The programme provides worldwide coverage on one CD of over 70,000 unique light structures.

ADLL uses the same official data as that provided in the paper version and has been designed to meet the SOLAS carriage requirements.


ADLL is sold fully up to date at time of purchase and includes an automated weekly update service as part of the subscription price. Amendments are supplied electronically on CD-ROM every week enabling updates to be completed in seconds, greatly reducing the time and effort that has traditionally been spent manually correcting the paper volumes, whilst minimising the risk of error.

Remote Updating

Updates are also available via e-mail or from a simple to use page on the following link http:/updates.ukho.gov.uk/adll/ , which enables users to access the most up to date information as soon as it becomes available.

Admiralty Notice to Mariners Online

The Admiralty Notices to Mariners Online service enables mariners to download NTMs directly from the following website,


IMO Digital Publications

IMO’s publishing activities provide to the world maritime community the numerous texts (conventions, codes, regulations, recommendations, guidelines, etc.) prepared by the Organization. To increase the world-wide dissemination and promotion of this information, the Organization launched a list of electronic publications and virtual publications available from their website as well as an internet subscription service featuring key products.

Chartco - Global Satellite Data Services

The ChartCo system provides bulk data delivery directly to ships by satellite using the ships existing Inmarsat A, B or Fleet 77 terminal together with a dedicated ChartCo receiver. All information is received automatically without any interference with the ship's normal communications. The ChartCo service includes: -

ChartManager -

Update and management of paper charts and publications including Notices to Mariners (NMs) and correction tracings for both BA and US charts.

OceanXpress - Update service for electronic charts and publications.

MetManager - Weather information.

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